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Info :  The Topkapı Palace museum known as Topkapi Palace or in Turkish Topkapı Sarayı is a palace in Istanbul, which was the official and primary residence in the city of the Ottoman Sultans, from 1465 to 1853. At the height of its existence as a royal residence, the palace was home to as many as 4,000 people. The palace was a setting for state occasions and royal entertainments and is a major tourist attraction today. After the end of the Ottoman Empire in 1921, Topkapı Palace was transformed into Topkapi museum a museum of the imperial era.   The palace is full of examples of Ottoman architecture and also contains large collections of porcelain, robes, weapons, shields, armor, Ottoman miniatures, Islamic calligraphic manuscripts and murals, as well as a display of Ottoman treasure and jewelry.
 Highlights : The palace has a great view of the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara, with the Bosphorus in plain sight from many points of the palace. The palace is a complex made up of four main courtyards and many smaller buildings and rooms.